Revolutionizing Denim: HUGO’s Summer 2024 Collection and HUGO BLUE Launch


Discover the denim revolution with the global launch of HUGO BLUE and its Summer 2024 collection!

This summer of 2024, HUGO is poised to redefine fashion with the worldwide launch of its dual-brand lines, introducing the highly anticipated HUGO BLUE alongside its established mainline. Making its debut this season as announced in May 2023, HUGO BLUE will focus on denim, along with a wide selection of urban, inclusive clothing, and gender-neutral pieces. In contrast, HUGO’s mainline will continue refining its focus on luxury casual wear and cutting-edge tailoring, staying true to its roots while embracing innovation.

Under the campaign slogan #HUGOYourWay, the brand aims to resonate with the socially conscious generation of change-makers, offering them a platform that celebrates dressing creatively as a form of personal expression. This campaign underscores HUGO’s ambition to establish itself as the premium brand of choice for those who dare to express their uniqueness through fashion.

The summer 2024 campaign sees the fusion of creative talents from diverse industries, including Reezy, Jasmine Jobson, Teezo Touchdown, Rikimaru, Cara Taylor, and Vinnie Hacker, collectively embodying the spirit of the HUGO brand. Captured through the lens of Stuart Winecoff, the campaign skillfully juxtaposes HUGO’s iconic red with the fresh introduction of blue, symbolizing the dynamic interplay between the brand’s two lines. This visual narrative invites viewers into a world where the familiar red opens doors to uncharted blue, signaling a realm of new possibilities and discoveries within the HUGO universe.

The introduction of HUGO BLUE signifies a bold expansion in the brand’s fashion repertoire, emphasizing denim while maintaining the sartorial excellence associated with HUGO’s mainline. The Summer 2024 collection of the mainline showcases an evolution in tailoring, featuring soft pastel tones, a blend of sharp and relaxed silhouettes, metallic elements, and eye-catching accessories that exemplify HUGO’s pioneering approach to fashion. On the other hand, HUGO BLUE places denim at its core, presenting a versatile range of jeans, skirts, jackets, and more designed to channel an effortlessly chic aesthetic through loose-fitting t-shirts and pronounced logo details.

Set against a backdrop of various shades of blue, black, and white, the launch of HUGO BLUE will be celebrated with a special event in Berlin on March 6th. The event promises an immersive experience that blends entertainment, the metaverse, and video games, targeting Generation Z consumers and inviting them into the innovative world of the HUGO brand for physical and virtual exploration.

Leading up to the launch, HUGO plans to engage its audience through social media and in-store displays, highlighting the brand’s unique style codes and solidifying its connection with the socially conscious generation. The Summer 2024 collections of both HUGO’s mainline and HUGO BLUE will be available for purchase in stores and online at starting from February 28th, 2024, inviting fashion-forward individuals to immerse themselves in a renewed wardrobe that is bold, innovative, and distinctly HUGO.

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