Seth Lee: The Unstoppable Rise of a Multifaceted Star


Meet Seth Lee: actor, model, and musician. In an exclusive interview with Xmag, delve into his rising stardom and inspiring journey.

At just 21 years old, Seth Lee has already made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Actor, model, and emerging musician, his multifaceted career trajectory has captured the public’s attention. In a recent interview with Xmag, Seth shared insights into his journey as a rising star, offering glimpses into his latest projects and personal philosophies.

One highlight of the interview is Seth’s discussion of his upcoming movie, ‘BUGS.’ Filmed entirely by students from Chapman University, the project resonated with Seth due to the young and talented team behind it. He speaks fondly of the bonds formed during production, highlighting the sense of camaraderie that emerged.

Despite the demands of his acting career, Seth also devotes time to his music with the band Blowing Raspberries. Balancing multiple artistic pursuits presents its challenges, but Seth approaches each day with a focus on the present moment, allowing him to maintain clarity amidst his busy schedule.

Reflecting on his modeling experiences, particularly the Celine ‘Boy Doll’ campaign, Seth acknowledges the opportunities it provided for growth and learning. His involvement in both fashion and entertainment underscores his commitment to self-expression and artistic exploration.

Throughout the interview, Seth emphasizes the importance of personal care and community involvement. He shares insights into his skincare routine and his dedication to giving back to the community, demonstrating a holistic approach to well-being.

Experience the full interview with Seth Lee and uncover more about his journey as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Get your copy of Xmag UK’s April issue, available in stores from April 5th.

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