Bizarrap announces his Music Sessions #60 with a stunning short film


Bizarrap announces his Music Sessions #60 with an exciting short film, revealing the collaboration with Dominican rapper LISMAR.

Bizarrap, the renowned Argentine artist and producer, has once again amazed the world with a short film over seven minutes long that announces the upcoming Music Session. This time, the short film, directed by Bizarrap alongside acclaimed Argentine filmmaker and Oscar winner Armando Bo, immerses us in the intriguing story of the producer’s return to his offices, where he faces drastic changes in his team.

The plot unfolds with the implementation of a laboratory for music creation using Artificial Intelligence, triggering a series of emotions that culminate in an intense confrontation and the revelation of the talent behind his next collaboration.

Rapper LISMAR, a young Dominican known for her impressive double-time rap skills and innate musical talent, is the star of this session. Bizarrap, recognized for his ability to discover emerging talents worldwide, not only acknowledges LISMAR’s talent but also propels her towards new horizons in the global music scene.

The short film has generated great anticipation on social media and among people of all ages and from all parts of the world, offering a preview of what will be the revolutionary BZRP Music Sessions #60, which promises to redefine standards in the music industry. This exciting project was produced by the prestigious Argentine production company Rebolución.

Music Session #60 will premiere this upcoming Wednesday, May 22, coinciding with Bizarrap’s headline show in New York, USA. With each new production, Bizarrap continues to establish himself as a reference in the international music scene, demonstrating his ability to reinvent himself and offer unique experiences to his followers.

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