Christina Aguilera Launches ‘Wild Rose and Cream’ Lubricant and Intimacy Tips Line


Christina Aguilera launches ‘Wild Rose and Cream’ lubricant and an intimacy advice line to promote open conversations about sexual wellness.

Christina Aguilera is ready to talk about intimacy. The singer and entrepreneur, co-founder of Playground, has announced the launch of her new product: Pillow Talk. This personal lubricant, water-based and libido-enhancing, will be available for $20. It is the latest addition to Playground’s sexual wellness line.

To celebrate the launch, the brand has created an innovative campaign centered around a sexual wellness advice hotline. The hotline, accessible by calling 1-888-PLY-GRND, is designed to destigmatize conversations about sex and will be presented by Aguilera herself.

Catherine Magee, co-founder and CEO of Playground, highlighted the importance of this initiative. “People are really uncomfortable talking about anything related to sexual wellness,” Magee noted. She herself faced shame during the brand’s fundraising process last year. “We are driven by a mission, a cause, and a purpose as much as by a product.”

With this launch, Aguilera and Playground aim not only to provide quality products but also to foster open and healthy dialogue about sexuality and intimate well-being.

Christina Aguilera, a music icon and now a businesswoman in the sexual wellness field, launches Pillow Talk, an innovative personal lubricant enhanced for libido. This $20 product is a direct creation of Aguilera, who has a deep connection with fragrances. Catherine Magee shared that “Christina loves scents; they are part of her creative process. In the studio, she always has her favorite candles.” While developing Pillow Talk, Aguilera brought in her favorite songs, candles, and products that create an intimate atmosphere, resulting in a complex fragrance described as “wild rose and cream,” featuring notes of rose, heliotrope flower, peony, and tonka bean.

Pillow Talk is not just a product but a sensory experience designed to evoke feelings of warmth, femininity, and sensuality. Additionally, Playground will donate 1% of Pillow Talk’s net proceeds to the Center for Intimacy Justice, reaffirming their commitment to social causes.

Alongside the lubricant launch, Playground also introduces an intimacy advice hotline available through 1-888-PLY-GRND. This line will offer listeners the chance to win a personal chat with Aguilera and learn more about Playground’s social goals. Participants can listen to intimacy tips, receive discounts, and share their own experiences.

Aguilera stated, “This campaign speaks directly to women, fostering better conversations and challenging the culture of shame around sexual health and female pleasure while contributing to a meaningful cause.”

Playground, which has recently expanded into Target, has experienced a 700% growth from 2023 to 2024 and is expected to continue its expansion focusing on sexual wellness products that promote health. Magee emphasizes that redefining sexual wellness means seeing health and pleasure as integral and inseparable aspects.

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