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Jacquemus celebrates its 15th anniversary in Capri with Blackpink’s Jennie


Jacquemus Celebrates its 15th Anniversary in Capri with a Fashion Show at Casa Malaparte, Featuring Jennie from Blackpink

The picturesque island of Capri will host the 15th-anniversary fashion show of Jacquemus, the French brand renowned for its independent approach and impressive growth. This historic event will take place at the architectural marvel, Casa Malaparte, on June 10th. This location, famous for its dramatic modernist design and breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, serves as the perfect backdrop for a brand that blends visual storytelling with innovative fashion.

Casa Malaparte is an inspirational site steeped in cinematic history, prominently featured in Jean-Luc Godard’s film “Contempt”. This connection to cinema is personal for Simon Porte Jacquemus, the brand’s founder, who cites the film as his initial inspiration to enter the world of fashion. Choosing this venue aligns with Jacquemus’ tradition of staging fashion shows in captivating settings that resonate with personal and artistic significance.

This year, the celebration is heightened by the participation of K-pop sensation Jennie from Blackpink, who will appear in a special campaign filmed at Casa Malaparte. The campaign ingeniously reimagines scenes from “Contempt”, showcasing Jennie against the backdrop of the iconic villa. This collaboration highlights Jacquemus’ ability to bridge the worlds of fashion and pop culture, creating a buzz that extends beyond traditional fashion audiences. This isn’t the first collaboration between Jennie and Jacquemus. Last December, the K-pop superstar was the face of the brand’s Holiday 2023 campaign, titled “Guirlande”, captured by fashion photographer Daniel Arnold.

By choosing a historic location for the fashion show, the brand honors its past triumphs while signaling its commitment to ongoing creative freedom and aesthetic advancement.

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