©MAISON KITSUNÉ, Photography by Jongha Park

Jennie Kim: New Face of Maison Kitsuné’s Baby Fox Collection


Introducing the Maison Kitsuné Spring 2024 Baby Fox Collection, blending bold femininity and vibrant style alongside Blackpink’s Jennie.

Maison Kitsuné, the esteemed fashion house, has unveiled its highly anticipated Spring 2024 Baby Fox Collection with a campaign featuring Blackpink‘s Jennie Kim. Her dynamic presence and unique style perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the collection. Shot in Seoul by the renowned Jongha Park, the campaign brings to life the essence of this collection through its visual narrative.

At the core of Baby Fox lies a celebration of pop pastel tones, dominating the collection with their brightness and femininity. Reflecting the seasonal theme and resonating with Jennie’s personal style, which merges haute couture with streetwear, embodying the collection’s identity.

The reinterpretation of Maison Kitsuné’s beloved logo is central to the collection. The Baby Fox icon, dressed in the vibrant colors of the season, symbolizes a fresh and playful approach to fashion. This, coupled with meticulous attention to detail and a touch of irreverence, encapsulates the brand’s ethos.

A standout piece is the Cloud bag, known for its unique shape and bright colors. Available in Lilac and Lime Green tones, it exemplifies the collection’s design philosophy: practical yet aesthetically pleasing.

Inspired by the beauty of summer, the collection features tailored cuts, refined casualwear, and a modern take on essentials. Through this collection, Maison Kitsuné continues to innovate, offering a fresh perspective on fashion.

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