Mery Myles announces “XX”, explosive preview of her album “MM”


Mery Myles returns with “XX,” an explosive single previewing her album “MM,” blending trap, sensuality, and authenticity.

The dynamic Mery Myles returns with the explosive single “XX,” a preview of her upcoming album “MM,” set to release in May 2024. Inspired by trap and the free expression of her desires, Myles boldly immerses herself in her dark thoughts, freeing herself from inhibitions. With touches of drill and percussion, “XX” becomes the artist’s favorite, reflecting her authenticity to the fullest.

The vibrant visualizer, directed by Jorehl, follows in the footsteps of iconic rappers like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, allowing Myles to perform without restrictions. This single will be an essential part of her debut album in Spanish, composed of 11 tracks produced by Bexnil, scheduled for release in May 2024. The work showcases Mery Myles’ versatility, from her most sensual to her most vulnerable side.

Born in Ibiza, Mery Myles debuted in 2019 with an experimental album in English. Now, immersed in her physical preparation and with a vocal coach, she is preparing to dazzle in live performances. Her Spanish album promises to deliver a clear and direct message through her distinctive musical breadth.

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