Sabrina Carpenter has made the heart-shaped cutout her signature style


Sabrina Carpenter has made the heart-shaped cutout her signature style, integrating this flirty trend into her stage outfits.

Although Sabrina Carpenter didn’t originate the coquette aesthetic, she has made this TikTok trend her distinctive style, incorporating elements of femininity into her wardrobe, such as dresses with bows and plenty of lace.

There is one flirty detail she is particularly fond of: the heart-shaped cutout. In recent months, she has added this whimsical shape to almost all her performances, making it her stage uniform.

Sabrina’s Yellow Top On

Saturday, June 8, Carpenter took the stage at the Governors Ball 2024 in New York. Although she changed her setlist, adding her latest single “Please Please Please,” she maintained her characteristic style.

The singer wore a custom-made bustier dress by Frolov, covered in rhinestones. Her lace micro shorts revealed matching underwear. But the true star of her outfit was the heart-shaped cutout in the center of her chest. One of Carpenter’s sartorial superpowers is turning a flirty detail into a bold look, and this ensemble is an excellent example.

She complemented the dress with a delicate chain necklace, her iconic white Bratz Doll boots, and a pair of lace socks.

Marleen Moise/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

More Heart-Shaped Cutouts

A mini dress with a heart-shaped cutout has quickly become a staple of Carpenter’s stage wardrobe. In April, she made her Coachella debut wearing a sky-blue mini dress, also by Frolov, featuring adorned hearts and a cutout at the back. Flirty and bold.

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