Beyoncé announces ‘Renaissance: Act II’ following the Super Bowl announcement


Beyoncé Thrills Fans with the Announcement of “Act II” and the Release of Two Singles Post Super Bowl

The anticipation has come to an end for Beyoncé‘s devoted followers, famously known as the Bey Hive. Following a teaser during a Verizon commercial at the Super Bowl, the artist unveiled her upcoming album, “Act II,” scheduled for release on March 29, as indicated in a teaser video on her Instagram account.

In tandem with the announcement, Beyoncé dropped two singles, “Texas Holdem” and “16 Carriages,” exclusively on Tidal, with the promise of their availability on other platforms after the Super Bowl.

Following the success of her 2022 Grammy-winning album, “Renaissance,” promoted as “Act I” of a three-part project, Beyoncé surprises by transitioning towards a more country sound in this forthcoming release. In an Instagram post, she shared a sneak peek with references to the card game Texas Hold’em, paying homage to her hometown, Houston.

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