Burberry Unveils Football-Themed Series Featuring Phil Foden and Eberechi Eze


Burberry Launches Football-Themed Fashion Series with Phil Foden and Eberechi Eze, Highlighting Their Passion for the Sport and Unique Style

The UEFA Euro 2024 will be held from Friday until July 14 in Germany. Burberry is already kicking off the event with a football-themed series featuring players Phil Foden and Eberechi Eze, showcasing them in the brand’s attire and sharing what the sport means to each of them.

“Fashion is important to me, and I’m thrilled to be part of this moment with Burberry. It was incredible to be able to shoot in my hometown, Stockport, and to work with this iconic British brand,” said Foden, who plays as a midfielder for Manchester City.

Courtesy of Burberry

“For me, my family, and my loved ones, we grew up going to football games, watching football; it’s something that’s been ingrained from an early age. There’s an element of being on the pitch that I can’t explain,” said Eze in the campaign video.

“There’s no other place where I’ve really experienced that kind of feeling. That’s the beautiful thing about football: it doesn’t matter where you’re from, it doesn’t matter who’s next to you, you’re going to celebrate with them, it’s a deep connection,” he added.

In Foden’s video, he talks about the passion the British show when they’re at a football field and reminisces about watching Manchester City games at home with his mother.

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