Dakota Johnson and Sophie Turner showcase matching outfits during a girls’ night out


Timothée Chalamet’s SNL appearance featured a entertaining musical performance. Kylie Jenner joined the celebration alongside Sophie Turner and Dakota Johnson.

This weekend, Timothée Chalamet tried his hand at solo comedy. It was the second time he hosted Saturday Night Live, and the beloved actor penned a (funny!) musical theater number about self-promotion in an era of Hollywood strikes. He then brought back his almost-forgotten persona, Lil’ Timmy Tim, which, for those engaged in online fan forums, is a crucial element in the Timothée mythology.

Perhaps this was what initially drew Kylie Jenner (who has been associated with several high-profile rap artists) into Chalamet’s orbit. The duo celebrated their SNL appearance alongside Sophie Turner and Dakota Johnson. In contrast to Kylie and Timothée, Sophie and Dakota opted for aesthetically harmonious ensembles: long coats paired with black underlayers, knee-high boots, and attention-grabbing handbags.

We still have at least two weeks before we can officially start referring to the “holiday season,” but these types of looks (chic separates with jewel-like accessories) are a staple of festive wardrobes, albeit in a more understated manner than the all-over sequins that often dominate traditional office holiday parties. I can envision Turner wearing this dress again if she’s invited to one of those “events.”

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