David and Victoria Beckham recreate their viral moment ‘Be Honest’ for the Uber Eats commercial during the Super Bowl


David and Victoria Beckham recreate their iconic ‘Be Honest’ moment in an Uber Eats commercial for the Super Bowl.

In a new Uber Eats commercial for the Super Bowl, David and Victoria Beckham recreate their famous moment from last October’s Netflix documentary about the Beckhams. In the original clip, 48-year-old David interrupted 49-year-old Victoria during an on-camera interview.

The new preview shows the couple recreating the scene, but this time, instead of playfully debating what it means to be “very working-class,” David wants Victoria to be honest about their new ad. Sitting on a sofa wearing a T-shirt that reads “My Dad Had a Rolls Royce,” Victoria starts to disclose the news, but David interrupts her, reminding her to be honest.

Courtesy of UberEats

As Victoria tries to give details about the commercial, David pushes her, creating a comedic moment. They finally reveal that the ad will air during “the big baseball game” or the “hockey bowl,” according to the confusion between the couple. They also mention Jessica (Jennifer) Aniston’s involvement in the commercial.

The commercial ends with the bold text: “Whatever you forget this Sunday, remember Uber Eats.” This ad comes two months after Victoria launched a T-shirt with the slogan “My Dad Had a Rolls-Royce,” inspired by their initial joke moment with David. The apparently sold-out shirt was being sold for $150 on Victoria’s brand website.

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