‘The Javis’ release the trailer for the sequel to “Veneno”: “Dressed in Blue”


The creators, screenwriters, and directors of “Veneno,” Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, have released the international trailer for the sequel, “Dressed in Blue.”

This time, Los Javis produce for Suma Content, where they also serve as creative directors. The series is their fourth production following “Una navidad con Samantha Hudson,” a Christmas special, “Cardo,” and “Cardo 2.” The original series from Atresplayer, “Dressed in Blue,” is produced for Atresmedia Television in collaboration with Suma Content.

The trailer begins two years after “Veneno” with Valeria, the character inspired by Spanish journalist Valeria Vegas, who wrote La Veneno’s memoirs, returning to Valencia and discovering a VHS copy of Antonio Giménez Rico’s report, “Dressed in Blue,” which premiered worldwide at the San Sebastián Festival.

In “Dressed in Blue,” Valeria, like Las Vegas in real life, sets out to uncover what happened to the documentary’s protagonists. She doesn’t get anywhere, but 40 years after the documentary, many people still don’t want to talk, until a stranger approaches her on the street and asks if she’s looking for Renée: Renée Amor Fernández, one of the six protagonists of “Dressed in Blue.”

The trailer alludes to the great emotional impact of “Dressed in Blue.” “Understanding the past is necessary to write the future,” reads the trailer. “We are not aware of our past because we are not told about it, there is a lack of legacy, a lack of knowledge about those who fought for us in the past,” said Javier Calvo. “By understanding her past, Valeria gains a better perspective of herself,” he added.

“‘Dressed in Blue’ caused a bit of a stir in the press at San Sebastián, it was quite successful, but it remained an LGBT play of the minority. With the series, we would like to turn the documentary’s protagonists into a mainstream phenomenon, giving them what they didn’t have in the past: fame, but also respect and affection,” Ambrossi said.

Just like with “Veneno,” all the trans characters are played by trans artists. “All the departments have trans technicians,” Ambrossi said. “In the three years since ‘Veneno,’ they have continued to work and have come back to ‘Dressed in Blue’ after developing a career. That has had a great effect on the series.”

“Veneno” and “Dressed in Blue” will be followed by the final part of a trilogy, “Piraña,” a series centered around the life of Paca la Piraña, which provides the most humorous moment in the trailer as she imparts wisdom that has lived a lifetime.

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