Victoria Beckham and Juergen Teller join forces for the Spring 2024 campaign


Victoria Beckham and Juergen Teller reunite once again for the Spring 2024 campaign, showcasing creativity and elegance.

Once more, Victoria Beckham joins forces with her photographer friend Juergen Teller for the Spring 2024 campaign of her brand.

The German photographer first captured Victoria alongside her then-fiancé David Beckham in 1998 for a magazine editorial. Since then, Teller has maintained a close relationship with the former Spice Girl. In 2008, they collaborated on a campaign for Marc Jacobs, where Victoria emerged from a shopping bag or stepped out of a shoebox, capturing the playful and creative essence of the brand.

Beckham paid homage to this campaign in 2018 with Teller, recreating iconic images that highlighted the humor and elegance of her own brand.

“I worked with Juergen years ago, and we still maintain a close relationship. When you see a photo by Juergen, it’s undeniably him,” said the designer in an interview.

This latest campaign, set on the grounds of an empty villa, showcases six out of nine images featuring the brand’s handbags, including the Jumbo W11 model and the Victoria clutch. Despite the challenges of lockdown, the sales and profits of the Beckham family brands have thrived in the fiscal year 2022, with Victoria Beckham’s fashion and beauty business reporting its first modest EBITDA-level profit.

With the success of their accessory business, especially the chain-link clutch, Beckham’s brand is expected to achieve revenues of over £100 million in the coming years.

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