Pharrell and Miley Cyrus Unveil Collaborative Gem: “Doctor (Work It Out)”


Pharrell and Miley Cyrus Shine with “Doctor (Work It Out)”, Unveiled at Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Show. Official Release on March 1st.

2024 has marked a phenomenal start for Miley Cyrus, who not only secured her first Grammy for the hit “Flowers”, but also revealed an exciting collaboration with multi-Grammy winner Pharrell. The duo teased their track, titled “Doctor (Work It Out)”, during Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton fashion show for the Fall/Winter 2024 season, adding an unexpected twist to the runway experience.

Pharrell’s Louis Vuitton show, infused with a theme of the American West, grabbed attention not only for its fashion, but also for the highly anticipated soundtrack. Midway through the show, Miley Cyrus’s unmistakable voice echoed through the venue, leaving attendees in awe. The surprise collaboration was later confirmed in Louis Vuitton’s official show recap on YouTube.

In a snippet of the song shared by Cyrus on Instagram, fans get a taste of what to expect from “Doctor (Work It Out)”. The full track, revealed in the recap at the 12:37 mark, adds a dynamic layer to Pharrell’s artistic vision. The show also saw the announcement of other collaborations, including “Good People” with Mumford and Sons, who delivered a surprise performance to close the night.

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