Jennie from Blackpink is the Face of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 Collection


Jennie from Blackpink shines as the face of Calvin Klein’s Spring 2024 Collection, blending iconic fashion with youthful freshness.

Calvin Klein unveils its Spring 2024 campaign featuring the prominent presence of K-pop superstar, Jennie. The brand’s global ambassador and musical sensation brings a fresh energy to Calvin Klein Underwear and Jeans, captured by renowned photographer Mert Alas. The campaign celebrates Jennie’s playful confidence, in perfect harmony with the brand’s iconic pieces, elevating them to new heights of allure and style.

The collaboration with Jennie infuses Calvin Klein Underwear and Jeans with her unique pop sensibility, turning them into emblems of iconic fashion. The Intense Power range presents a bold reinterpretation of the Calvin Klein logo, while the new Minimalist lingerie line offers sensual and expressive comfort. The nostalgic 90s Straight Jeans make a comeback with a relaxed fit, capturing the laid-back essence of spring.

This season’s collection stands out for its relaxed simplicity, reinterpreting classic designs with a timeless yet youthful spirit. Calvin Klein, through its collaboration with Jennie, reaffirms its commitment to bold confidence and top-tier talent, solidifying its position as a leader in contemporary style and cultural relevance.

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